Friday, October 29, 2010

My Tennis Season!

My tennis tennis is already over! It began nearly a quarter ago, but it feels like it was just yesterday...

I have had a lot of fun! All the girls are really nice and we are all good friends. There were eighteen girls throughout the whole season. I was in the top bracket (Top 6) the whole season, so I got to play every time!

Today we had a party after school with all the tennis girls. Since Barros Pizza is only a fifteen minute walk from Corona, we all walked over right after school. Our Coach treated us! Although she could be a stickler at times, she really was a great Coach and she was always treating us to nice things like McDonalds, new water jugs, and ice cream.

Here are a few cute pics with me and the team! (By the way... the reason I'm dressed as a cowgirl in a few of the pics is because we were allowed to wear our Halloween costumes today. And I'm a cowgirl. Or Jessie from Toy Story. Whichever works :))Tania, Me, Anastasia, Shimoli, Travis (tennis boys team)

Me, Danielle, Caroline

Hannah, Shimoli, Gabrielle

Me, Hannah, Sam, Everett

Kelly, Me, Sam, Caroline

Anastasia, Mallory, Gabrielle, Coach, Everett

Sarah, Alyssa, Caroline, Me
Yay for Tennis!!


MelRol said...

Brittany, You are so cute!

crazycool Steenhoeks said...

Brittany...u look like a pro out there on the courts. It was a fun season. What's next?? US Open?