Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lemonade Stand!!

Today was a very hot day. So Rachel, Aaron and I decided to do a Lemonade Stand! Aaron was taking a break when Mom came out with the camera, but you can see his bike behind the chair.

We were on the corner of our street, right next to Commonwealth. 50 cents per cup, 2 1/2 hours, 4 pitchers of lemonade, and many donations later we had made......
druuuummmmmrollllllll............. patapatapatapata.......


Whoooooo-hoooooooooooooo!!! We were very proud of ourselves, and even tho it was 100 plus degrees, we had lots of fun! We waved and smiled at every car and played a Sweet and Sour game where if the people in the car stopped and buyed/donated, they were "sweet." If they only waved/smiled, they were "semi-sweet", but if they didn't smile, wave, or buy, they were "sour."

After counting the money, we decided that we were gonna put most of the money in a money jar for our vacation next year to New York/Washington/Virginia. But first we seperated the tithing and a $1.50 each for some candy :)

The jar before our lemonade stand:

And after:


Aaron's Ninth Birthday Party

Today was the day of Aaron's family birthday party! His real birthday is on Monday, but Dad is going to be on a business trip then, so we celebrated today! The theme was Star Wars. We had Stars Wars placemats, fork holders, napkin case, cups, confetti, paper figures, etc, etc.

We ate a "Big Jimmy" from Jimmy and Joe's for lunch. It was HUGE!!

Next, we did presents! Aaron got lots of things. Some highlights were an Indiana Jones Wii game, a bunch of cool shirts, Lego sets, "Dog-opoly", Army guys, aaaaaaannnnnnddddd........

A NEW BIKE!!! (I was being sneaky :) )

He had a great party :) Happy 9th B-day Aaron!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Busy Day!

What a busy day!

Brittany got her hair cut and Aaron got a new pair of glasses.

Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Branon is a Senior, Brittany is a Freshman at Corona Del Sol High School, Rachel is in 5th Grade and Aaron is in 3rd over at Paloma.

It was a great morning, everyone got to school on time and was happy while getting there.

Brandon 17?

Yep it's true. Brandon just turned 17. (yesterday) We just had a small family dinner with the cake and ice cream. Brandon got a new QUEEN Size bed for his BIG present. Then some other cool "Bro" shirts from Pacsun. (that'swhere he works, in the mall.)

Brandon put one of his new shirts on his head and was talking about the gum Brittany gave him. I love the way he says "Delicious". I don't really know why, but it just makes me smile everytime he says it. SO...Enjoy.