Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Narnia The Exhibition

Our family took a quick trip over the the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix for a tour of The Chronicles of Narnia, The Exhibition. As one friend told me, "It's Magical". It was. They wouldn't let us take pictures inside, good'ol Disney...but we did have a great time. (And I took a video clip...I couldn't help myself:)It was way tooooo cool to miss out on:)

After walking through the Wardrobe into Narnia the magic continued. We saw the White Witches Carriage, her dress and Ice Crown that she wore. The costumes that Peter, Lucie, Edmund and Susan wore throughout the movie. An Ice thrown to sit on, and ice wall to touch.
Then the return to Narnia after 1300 years to see all the different animals. The little house,or better known as Trufflehunter's Den, they could pretend to be in. The armor that the Pevensis children wore for the war with Price Caspian. They even got to make there own shield designs on a computer. What fun it was. I think that we could have stayed a lot longer then we did. Everyone loved it.
After all we do have two daughters of Eve and two sons of Adam. The kids wanted the crowns to wear home and the thrones to sit on.

Once home, Brandon had a great idea for all the kids. To film their own Narnia. So with the Flip camera in hand and the open fields to play in...the filming begain. It was an all afternoon project, that turned out well. It's just to long to post.
We love our creative children. They are so fun.

A Night of Light and Hope

October 18, Rachel sang with her Chandler Children's Choir at the Arizona Biltmore. It was a fundraising 'gala' for Childhelp. Childhelp is an organization that is dedicated to the education, prevention and treatment of child abuse. There goal is to heal from the inside out. Aimee Stewart is the Director and had those children well prepared to sing while the guests arrived. Rachel loved singing in her "GOWN". She felt like a princess at a ball. Once they were done singing in the lobby they prepared to sing the song David Grover wrote for the event. "I am a Light". The children came in holding candles(not real), while singing. It was very powerful. Rachel looked like an angel on stage.

They did a little photo session on the lawn, then sang some songs to warm up. This one is my fav "Connecticut Peddler".
The Choir will be singing in December, you should come...it will be great!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What can you do with a camera?

So Brandon was at the Trek, and we wanted to have a little out door fun. So we went to the park to feed the ducks. I brought the camera along, cuz I like to take pictures. Well...after feeding the ducks and playing around for a while. It became a photo shoot. We acted like we were on "America's Next Top Model". Our fav' shoot to take was "COUTURE". But mostly it was fun to watch the people around us, they looked at us funny. We were laughing and having a great time. Soon other people brought out there camera's and started taken some photos. That's when we left.
So if you don't know what to do with your kids. Take them to the park with your camera and tell them to POSE! It's fun.
Enjoy our photo's.
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Westward Ho!

Last week, Brandon went on a pioneer trek. He dressed the part and only packed what was really needed. He walked 16 miles one day and slept under the stars.

On their last day they woke up to 6o mile an hour winds and rain. So they really felt like pioneers. They walked in the mud and helped each other get to the end of the trek.
We missed him while he was gone for three days. Brandon said he learned how hard it was to be a pioneer. He also didn't like the fact that the mob or anti-Mormon's made them keep moving from one place to another.
Love ya, Brandon!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Do You Love Your Piano Teacher?

(FYI this is brittany posting this.)

So, I got dropped off for piano lessons at Sister Arnolds house. Brandon was just leaving, and he and Sister Arnold were talking about the Pioneer Trek. This is part of the conversation they had...

Sister Arnold: Well, don't forget to bear your testimony on Sunday.
Brandon: Yeah, I did that at EFY, too.
Sister Arnold: Good for you! See ya, Brandon.
Brandon: Love ya. Er, I mean, Love ya Brittany. Yeah.

Me and Sister Arnold laughed very hard. When we told Mom after my lesson, she said that Brandon didn't tell her about that. It must have slipped his mind, eh?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rachel's Turn!

Why would Rachel want a turn you may ask. Well, everyone else has, why not.
It started on Friday night with a fever of 103. The sad part is that when I took her to the doctors, he said it was just a virus. So she had to wade it out. Monday afternoon she developed a very LARGE cold sore inside her mouth, just to make sure she felt bad. Shane Layton came by that night after hearing about it and gave her his over the counter medicine. Liquid Silver. It didn't take it away. But boy did it help reduce the pain and size. Thanks Uncle Shane!

I am happy to report that Rachel will be going to school tomorrow. She had been fever free for 24 hours. YEAH! Life may get back to normal at our home...we'll see.

Sing, Sing, Sing...

Brittany sings My Favorite Things. The "Pueblo Show Choir" sang three songs. The Long and Winding Road, Angles Amoung Us and Favorite Things.
This song was "Requiem". All the CDS choirs sang together. It was quite amazing.

Brandon sings with A Cappella and Jaztecs. The Tux is A Cappella and the Black Suit is Jaztecs.They sang a total of 8 songs. Chili Con Carne was one of our Fav's. But Twa Tanbou was awesome! Way to go Brandon.

Paul wins award!

Way to go,babe!
Paul is not one to toot his own horn. So let me toot it for him. While he was in Cali for a four day conference, he was awarded a BIG award. (although he'd tell you different) In front of the whole region he was awarded the "Vision Award 2008 Team Commitment Rocky Mountain Region".
I am proud of my husband and the work he does. He is great. Thanks for working hard, and taken care of us. We love you Paul!