Friday, January 22, 2010

Rainy Day

What's up everybody? 2010 has started off pretty cool this year with lots of rain! We Steenhoek's, we've kept ourselves busy. And I decided to do my first blog today. Here's what all the Steenhoek's have been doing lately:

Aaron is always on WiiFit, even at 5:40 in the morning!

Brittany started a little garden with cucumbers, artichokes, radishes, and peas.

Rachel has been reading Julie, a book she got for christmas.

Dad is working on his Master's of Business Administration.

Mom is teaching Gospel Doctrine every other week! Here she is practicing.

And I just got my permit! I'm really excited about it and I love to drive.

I've also have been getting free stickers. It's my latest obsession for now.

That's pretty much it. Check ya later.