Friday, January 30, 2009

Student of the Month

Brittany was nominated by the Seventh Grade Stars team in Puelblo Middle School to be the student of the month. This morning she went off to school without a clue. Paul and I have known since November. (she was nominated that month but couldn't make the reception because of a field trip, I let the school know and they saved it until this month). Her name was called on the morning announcements as a Student of the month and to go to the cafeteria. She walked in with many other students with a glazed look on her face, until she saw her dad, then the big smile showed up. The principal Dr. Thomas Seiger called each student up to the front and read to them the comments made by their teachers. They were to stand looking at him and then we could take photo's. Brittany did such a great job.She knew two other girls that were at the continental breakfast reception. One was Malori Dayes, who is also in her choir class and Show Choir. We sat at the same table as Malori and her family that was there. It was a great morning for Brittany to shine. We are so proud of her and her success in life. WE LOVE YOU!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Haircut for Brittany

I (Brittany) decided that I wanted to change up my hairstyle for the New Year. So after looking through some ideas, I picked a really cute style. Here are some before and after shots...




I love it!

Snow Day

Click to play 12-29-08 Snow Trip
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Our friends the Layton's invited us to see the Festival of Lights up in Sedona with them. So we packed up the kids and made it a full day. We first went up to NAU in Flagstaff to sled and play in the snow. This time we found two places to play. The first one was the school playground. It was alright, but not the best hill for sledding. So after a while we headed to where we had gone a few weeks eariler. The other side of the school, a big open field with a great hill. There we had a lot of fun, mostly trying to climb up the slippery hill. No one got hurt, just lots of fun.
Then we headed down Oak Creek Caynon, to Sedona for dinner and the lights. That was so beautiful, at every turn it was even more breath taking. It was such a wonderful day. Good times baby!