Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bobcat Award

Aaron is now a Bobcat. He got his award this week at Pack Meeting. He was very excited to earn it. His friend Danile Cowley earned his as well. It was a fun night with a puppet show put on by all the groups of boys. I had forgotten how much fun Cub Scouts is. Thanks to Shane Layton for the great photo.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aaron and his Baptism Day

Aaron woke up on September 5th before the sun came up. He was so excited to be baptized. We went outside before we drove off to the church and found out that it looked like rain. WE LOVE RAIN!

It started to rain on our way to the Stake Center, 2 miles from home. Paul and Aaron had their white clothes on and looked very handsome. Time for more pictures.

Paul's cousin Steve Pearson was in town and was able to make it as well. A happy family.
We are sooo blessed to have GREAT friends and Family to help support us. Thank you to all. Thank you to Aaron for his great choice. Later he made the comment: "because it's raining today, it's kinda like the earth is getting baptized today, just like me".

Thursday, August 27, 2009

How well can you see?

Our Brittany had a hard day on Monday. She had her tooth pulled (one that should have fallen out 3 years ago) Then we went to the eye doctors and found out that she is near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other.
How does that happen?
We don't know.
The doctor said it doesn't happen very often but it is an easy fix with glasses. We shall see how she does with the glasses before we move on to the contacts.
Anyway...we know that Brittany will be able to rock these "Candy" glasses...look at how cute she is in her new glasses.

Brittany was babysitting Ivy at the time the glasses were ready and so she came with us to pick them up. What a cutie she is...too.

Today is a much better day for Brittany because she can see "EVERYTHING" nice and clear.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Great to be Eight!

So it has happened. Our youngest child, Aaron has turned eight.
We had a friend party for him this year. He invited 10 friends. It was a "Star Wars" theme. Aaron wore his Star Wars shirt on Saturday and waited for his friends to come. (He had been up since 6 am)
The party was from 11 to 2pm. Pizza by Cost Co and games by, well, whoever.
The boys liked running around the house and yelling and screaming. It was much different then the 16 year old party.
We did have some time at the table with marshmellows and toothpicks, then pizza and later some magic molding clay. All and all Aaron had a great party and loved that his buddies could come over and play games with him.
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The next day was his real BIRTHDAY. He had french toast for breakfast and loved them. For dinner he wanted Fettucini with garlic toast. So Grandma and Grandpa Geier came over for the family party and dinner. More presents, more cake and more fun.
Aaron loved all the attention he got, except watching old family video's of him as a baby. (which we all loved!!)
Tonight...first night of cub scouts. Tomorrow the world...

Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day of School

Four children and three schools. Brandon starts school at 6:23am at Corona, Rachel and Aaron at 7:45am @ Paloma and Brittany at 8:15am @ Pueblo. Home again at 2:15, 2:25 and 3:15pm. It was a great day for everyone.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Brandon is 16 years old!

Yep, Brandon had a birthday and is now 16 years old. We don't really know how time went by so fast. We thought about keeping him back a year...but ya know...we couldn't.

He woke up on Saturday to French Toast and a phone call from England, Grandma and Grandpa Steenhoek.
Brandon invited 21 friends over for a party from 12 to 3. The party was soooo cool that the last guest didn't leave until 7pm! And only because he had to go home to get ready for the stake dance that everyone was going to at 7:30.
Paul got 8 pizza's and a cake from CostCo. He stayed at the party while the rest of us left for a few hours. They played Rock Band on one T.V., Dance Dance on another, and Call of Duty on the third one. When we got home around 3:30...the party was in full swing. Loud happy noises were coming from everyone. Like I said, the party lasted waaaaaay longer then we thought. Brandon had a blast and got some great cash and gift cards from everyone.

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Sunday Brandon was ordainded a Priest after church. Grandpa and Grandma came over and stayed for lunch and a family party. Brandon again had super day!
Love ya buddie!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time to clean up!

While Aaron worked on his laundry...that filled the whole front room! I worked on cleaning up the boys room. We hadn't seen the floor for months. I threw away two large trash bags of garbage, and found 3 bags of clothes that were two small for them to wear anymore. Plus, 6 pair of shoes that didn't fit Brandon any longer (and fit Paul instead). The next step was to get Brennen's bed put in the room and await Brandon's arrival from EFY.

The next step was the girls room. I should have taken a before picture, but I just couldn't. The floor wasn't seen for weeks either and the clothes were all over in piles. But after three days of cleaning and trying on clothes that were too small, the girls room came out like this.

The bag of clothes now need to make there way over to D.I.

Let school come...we are ready. (at least the bed rooms are all clean and organized)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week end get a way

Paul was talking with his sister Patty who lives in San Diego. She asked why we hadn't been out to visit this summer. He told her all the things that had been going on, and that would still be going on. We looked at our calendar and saw that we only had two birthday partys for the kids to atttend, so why not get a way for the week end.
We headed out on Thursday afternoon and got to Patty's by 10. On Friday we went to the beach with her whole family, plus Dave and Heidi, Steve and his family, Shannon, Dillan and Eden. The beach we went to was Ponto...Patty's fav. It's free and really close to her home.
We had a really nice spot on the sand...lots of toys for the kids to play and even more food. Tug of war, boogie boarding, surfin', kick ball, whiffle ball and some badmitten and volleyball were a few of the things we did while we were there for 6 hours. The weather was great and no one wanted to leave.
Once back at Patty's we had taco salad and hung out and visited. On Saturday we drove up to Paul's other sister's home (Cindy). She was having a big birthday party for all three of her children, their birthdays are just weeks apart. It was a warm day, but the kids had fun bouncing in the bounce house and eating all the cake and ice cream. It was great to see their kids and home. Most of all visit with them. We later went off to the beach to cool off.
Sunday was church and a very yummy lunch, then we drove off to home. It was a short and fun trip. Our friend Brennen Watts came with us and make the adventure even more rememberable.
Thanks Patty for calling.
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Up Date...

So Brittany really really really wants me to up date everyone on our blog about what has happened since the last post.
What hasn't happened?
Brittany had a birthday and turned 13! Whatever! another teenage in the house. (although we have really good ones). She had a family party and got some presents that I can't remember now. (but she could tell ya...)
Next thing I remember swimming lesson...cuz school was out for the summer.

Paul's parents are in England for their mission. They told all of their kids, (9 of them) that they were all invited to come over and visit them. Paul planned and saved without my knowing and surprise me with the tickets. His life long dream (one of them anyway) was to go to the biggest tennis tournament in the world...Wimbledon
We flew into England on Paul's birthday and were met by his parents at the airport in Mancheser with balloons and singing. Paul yelled at his dad as he was driving out of the airport, "Your on the wrong side of the road, DAD!" But a lass Paul's dad was doing it right.
We visited with them for THREE days and saw the most beautiful country side. Highlights: Caernarfon Castle, Conwy Castle, Liverpool, Albert's Dock, The Beatles Story, Ferry ride, Preston Temple and we can't forget the "Dingle", (ask Paul), cannal boats and the best buffet ever, hugs and kisses from parents serving the Lord.
Next stop we were in London. Paul woke up at 4 am, he was soooo excited about Wimbledon. We waited in the "Queue" (or as we call it, THE LINE), for 4 hours. From 9:30 am until 1:30pm. It was well worth it. Paul was like a kid in the candy store.

Tuesday: Out by 8 am. The Original Bus Tour (basically the whole city!), London Eye, City Cruises River Tour on "River Thames", Shakespear's Globe Theatre, Tate Moder Mus. "Les Miserables at the Queen's Theatre. Back to hotel by @ 11pm

Day 7, Wednesday: WIMBLEDON. Got ride to the "Championship Club", got a bag full of goodies and tickets to court 1. Played all day like tennis fans do...had strawberries-n-cream.

Day 8, Thursday: Tower of London, Piccadilly Circus, day.

Day 9, Friday: Big Ben, House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Churchill Museum and Cabinet war rooms, St. James' Park (had lunch on the lawn) Buckingham Palace, walked to Victoria Stayton, British Museum, Had a Great dinner at the Spaghetti House over on Goodge St and Whitefield.

Day 10, Saturday: Kensington Palace, Sunken Garden, Piccadilly, Lillywhites sports store, Leicester Square, Trafalger Square, National Gallary, Walked and Walked and Walked.

Sunday last day. Pack and go home. Oh yeah....take an airplane ride home and eat their small amount of food...We had some great laughs.

We had the best time ever. Our kids did great without us as my mom watched them. Thanks mom. With out you we couldn't have made these memories. I love ya.