Saturday, November 29, 2008

Models in the Making

Here is a slideshow made by me (brittany). We did some modeling action Thanksgiving afternoon. We have good modeling potential, no? Enjoy!
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Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

After sleeping in and having our fav lunch, IN and Out Burgers, of course. Paul and I took the kids to Target, just to look around. We needed to get some fresh air and stretch the legs a little. It was about 2ish and the crowd was still in full force. Not as bad as other places I imagine. We went up and down the toy isles and Aaron wanted everything, we remind him that we are just looking. We are NOT buying toys. The girls were good at pointing to a few things. (Brandon stayed at home playing video games with his friend Cameron)
We did have a shopping cart which Paul thought very unnecessary since we had decided that we wouldn't be buying anything. We'll, I wanted one [shopping cart] for the shoe laces we needed to get for Aaron, and the belt for Brandon. Oh and remember that movie I wanted, lets get that too. Then Aaron told Paul how he really needed a pair of gloves for his hands. They get so cold on the way to school. (I drive him to school and it is about a 25 yard walk to the school building from the car drop off stop.) So in goes the gloves into the shopping cart.
Then it happens...
Aaron spots a playground ball. I had told him a few weeks ago that I'd try to get one so they could play 4 square in the back yard. (I thought I'd get one for Christmas..oh well) We put it into the shopping cart. We are buying a toy. The one thing we said we wouldn' is Black Friday.
As we check out, we got checked out by other shoppers. Our cart has two belts, a pair of gloves a movie and a MASSIVE playground ball. That's it. Nothing else. But the way people were looking out our shopping cart you would have thought we had gold. One older gray haired lady kept looking as she walked by, that she almost ran into another shopping cart. "It's just a playground ball!" Brittany and I were laughing. I guess we got the best toy of the day.
4 Square anyone?

What are you thankful for...?

On Thanksgiving our family plays a game on our way to Grandma Geier's (aka Ma-Moo). We go around the van and we each take a turn and say one thing we are thankful for. It is a 20 minute drive and there is not a moment of silence.

Ma-Moo made the whole dinner. What an amazing dinner (Aaron would call it lunch because it was only 12:30 pm). The turkey was great, the mash potatoes were so light and fluffy. Then there was the gravy...oh the gravy! What great gravy it was. So much so that even Rachel was dunking her roll in to slop it up. YUM. All our tummies were full and happy. So we are thankful for great cooking.

I am thankful for Brandon, Brittany, Rachel, Aaron and Paul. They are my favorite things. What cuties they all are!

After our lunch at Ma-moo's we packed up all the left-overs and pies and headed back home. There we watched 3D Polar Express. What a magical movie. (Pa-Pa loved our big t.v. and really enjoyed his 3D movie on it. He said it was like being at the theater). We had some left overs for dinner with PIE! Then Grandpa and Grandma headed off for home. Then the rest of us watched Kung Fu Panda in Blu-ray.(ooh) Good times.

So much to be thankful for...these are but a few.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Happy Birthday to my mom. Connie, aka: mom, mother & Ma-Moo.
When Brandon was very little we lived with my parents while our home was being build. He would call me "mom" and I would call my mom, "mom". So he came up with "Ma-Moo" for my has been the same ever since.
Connie's birthday is tomorrow, but with school out today, I took all the kids and we went and had lunch and fun together.
First the kids climbed the backyard trees at Ma-Moo's, to build up their appetite. Next we were off to NYPD Pizza. There we had Honey BBQ Wings, Garlic Knots and Cheese Pizza of course.
Aaron couldn't give enough hugs out and was almost on Ma-Moo's lap the whole lunch!

We looked at old pictures back at grandma's. She showed pictures of when she was a child back in New York. Rachel looks so much like her...Rachel is so lucky!
Mom, just wanted to tell you that you are the best mom and Ma-Moo anyone could have. Thanks for your love and example in all that you do. I love you.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Time for CANDY!!!!

Our kids love to dress up and go door to door collecting candy. I guess that's just Halloween for ya. Aaron dressed as a Fireman, Rachel a white cat, Brittany a vampire (from the Twilight book), Brandon a doctor. Our friends Eric Layton is Mario and Heather is also a vampire.
They had so much fun walking around door to door. Brandon did go over to a friends house for a party and some trick or treating. All and all everyone got a boat load of candy. As of right now (Saturday morning at 9 am) they have sorted all their candy and have it all placed out on a blanket in the toy room. I think we will have candy until next Halloween because they got so much.

Paul and I love watching our kids enjoy life to the fullest. There is something about watching your children being so happy and excited. It just is so cool (for a lack of a better word)