Friday, May 30, 2008

Brandon becomes an Eagle Scout

Brandon went in front of the Eagle Board for the Salt River District of the Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday May 27, 2008. He had to pass the interview and review his eagle project. By his account, he did awesome. The board passed him and he is now an EAGLE SCOUT!!
The next day we got a letter in the mail from Mack Tarwater, the Eagle Board Chairman, congratulating him. Brandon's court of honor will be held on July 18 at 7 pm at our church building, (unless otherwise). Yeah, Brandon. Great job, buddy!

On the road...Family Trip!

Day One...
Our first goal was to ride the new Finding Nemo Ride. We waited for 45 minutes but got on and celebrated Aaron's first Disneyland ride ever. (he was in Cali adventure three years ago). It was a very cold and wet day. We brought our rain ponchos for the "Wet Rides" but used them to keep dry from the rain more. Aaron didn't like the Matterhorn but loved every Fantasy Land ride. In all we rode on 27 rides, saw the Aladdin stage show and the Muppet 3D show all in 12 long and fun hours.

Our second to last ride of the day was the Winnie the Pooh ride. Aaron loved it! Then we thought we'd go on the Haunted Mansion. There was no line and ...well...why not. Aaron was not a fan. Brittany and I sat with him on the ride and had to keep telling him, "Wow, this is just like a Scooby Doo Movie". No far.

Day Two...

On Friday morning we had a breakfast in Goofy's Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel. We saw many different characters, and took pictures with each one. The food was to die for. Made to order omelets (Heidi's fav), eggs, french toast, Mickey shaped waffles, fruit, sweets that you die for. So much that even Brandon could not even eat any more after two plates of food. I know we all loved this 1 1/2 hours spent eating and visiting all the Disney Friends.

Once at Disneyland we went right to Adventure Land were we saw an Indiana Jones Show. It was all geared toward the movie. Then once the show was over Dr. Jones had some street fights to help searchers find some hidden clues. Each family got a map and was told to look for the clues. Our family had a blast looking for clues and watching Dr. Jones beat up the same guy in different locations for different clues. Once we were done with the clues we rode on more rides and had a great day.

We didn't stay for the Electric Light got too cold and we were to tired. Next time.

We had dinner at a Denny's and headed down for Encinitas to Paul's sister Patty's home, for the rest of the weekend.

After a lazy morning, we all got into the van, + Jenna, and headed to Sea World. We just wanted to have some warm sun and fun. We were able to see a lot of animals and catch a show. Then the kids played in the new Sesame Street Kid Play area. Aaron and Rachel loved it. Well, the truth be told...everyone loved it.

On Sunday we went to church with Aunt Patty and Uncle Nate. Uncle Nate has a friend in their ward that he rides bikes with, John. He likes to restore Ferraris as a hobby. Brandon dreams of having a car like this one day and was drooling at it in the church parking lot when Uncle Nate introduced Brandon to John. John asked Brandon if he wanted a ride home from church in it, and of course Brandon jumped at the idea. (Nate said as he got into his own car..."Wow, I've never even sat in one of his 4 cars before").

Once at Aunt Patty's we had to take a photo to prove Brandon really did drive in the car.
On Monday we went to a ward BBQ with Patty and Family. It was held at the Cielo Country Club. Wow...what a place. Our kids didn't want to leave. But we were able to pull them away and drive home. We had to put an end to all the fun...I am a mean mom after all.

Aaron says it all. We had one heck of a fun trip!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Make a Wish

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Brittany, Brittany, Brittany!

So here is another blog about our little angel "Brittany". On May 17th she had her big 12th birthday party with friends. She had 9 girls over to our home to start off. We then headed over to Sue Dana's home for beading and swimming. The girls were able to make a ring, bracelet and neckless. The pool was cold at first but then everyone enjoyed it so much they didn't want to leave. They loved doing the "High School Musical", all jumping into the pool together. After that fun we went back home and had cake, ice cream and presents. Brittany loved every minute of it. All the girls were so fun and got along great together...yea!
The day didn't end there.
Well...I forgot to mention that the day started at 9:30am over at the Harkins Theater. The family all went to see the movie Narnia, Prince Caspian. (Thanks to Dr. Chamberlain and our girls being in the Kids Club, we got free tickets.) We got home just as the guest were arriving for the Brittany party.
So... as the cake was happening at our home, Brittany's Beehive leader came over to take her and all the beehives to get ice cream. (To welcome her to Young Women's etc...) After that she was dropped off at our friends home, the Pikes, where we were having a BBQ swim night.
Everyone in our family had a super Saturday. I don't think we could have put another activity into the day...We love to party
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Singing and Dancing

Brittany Brianne

As part of the Pueblo Middle School Show Choir Brittany was able to sing at the Corona Del Sol High School Pop's Concert on Saturday May 10.

They had done many different shows all year long and this was the biggest of all (besides Disneyland, of course!). They were able to sing 3 of their 4 songs. "Build Me A Buttercup, Love Heals, and You Can't Spot the Beat".

Mr. Frazer is the choir director over at the middle school. He has been a great director for our family. Brandon had him as a teacher for his years in middle school and show choir. He was also the one that helped Brandon record his two songs, "Alien World" and "Escape this Now". Just before this photo Mr. Frazer made the comment..."I hope this doesn't end up on a blog somewhere". So Sorry....We had to...

Brittany loves to sing and dance and we hope that for many years we will be able to enjoy more concerts like these. Enjoy our little "Angel of Music" We Do.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rachel sings her new song!

Our Princess Rachel

Last night Rachel wrote a song. Paul thought it was a Disney song. She was singing all afternoon today.

"It's hard to be a PRINCESS"

Brandon helped put music to it. He also gave her the confidence to sing for the video.

I love music. It is a very big part of our home. I feel it is a blessing. What talented children we have...I love them so much!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Show Choir Tour!

Brittany goes to California for a Pueblo Show Choir Tour!

After school on Thursday, Brittany and I loaded the charter bus for the ride to Cali. Brittany sat with Kaiah Frazer.

On Friday morning we got up and got ready to play at Disneyland all day. Once there we road on many different rides. Brittany was able to go to a Disney Workshop. She went back stage behind the park to dance and learn the song to "In the Tiki Room" She had a lot of fun. They gave her a t-shirt and she will be getting a DVD of what they did.

On Saturday morning we went to Fullerton City College. This is where the Heritage Festival was. Many different schools were there to perform and be judged by music professors. Our Show Choir did great and at the award ceremony at Disneyland later that night they got "GOLD 2ND PLACE". Out of all the schools...that was great.

Once again we got back on the bus. This time it was at 11:30 pm Saturday night. We were so tired. Brittany fell asleep with her new "Cutie Pooh". I on the other hand watched the hours go by.

The 3am Blythe stop was the funniest stop ever. Staci Dayes didn't want to get back on the bus. She was so tired as well and we both thought that this was worse than bee stings.
The bus rolled in the school parking lot at 6am. Brittany and I got home by 6:30 took showers and climbed in bed. We missed church and slept until 3:30 pm. Then Paul laughed at us. He thought we looked so funny. Brittany and I didn't know what we looked like we just knew we were tired. So we let Paul take our photo....oh well.

Lets just say...we love being home.