Monday, February 25, 2008

Missionary Work Rocks!!

We have the missionaries in our home a lot. Paul is the ward mission leader, and works with all kinds of great missionaries. Elder McCormick (pictured with Paul above) came to visit us the day before he was going back home to Oregon. He served in our ward area for 9 month's, with the best missionary spirit we had ever seen. Our children grew to enjoy his visits in our home. We shared many different dinners at our kitchen table and grew more excited about our gospel, The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder-day Saints. Once Elder McCormick left, we have enjoyed many different Elders in our area. We continue to share our missionary spirit with others, and love to write Paul's nephew Danny Steenhoek in Mexico. Heidi's nephew, Brice Timothy has just left for his mission where he will serve in Mexico also. We just got our first letter, what a testimony of Christ he has.

On February 22 our friends the Smiths, Kevin and Christy were able to go to the Temple and take out their own endowments and be sealed together forever with their son, Micah. Elder McCormick (aka "C.J.") came to town for the great event. He was able to stay with us for a short while. It was very hard to call him "C.J." and not Elder McCormick

Here we are on a very cold morning in Glendale, Arizona. We got to the NFL Experience about 9am. The gates opened at 10, and we were off to get our "ALL ACCESS" wrist band.

Aaron wasn't to sure about some of the events as he hung back and watched. A newspaper reported even loved his attitude, and interviewed him. Aaron played it cool the whole time.

From running the 50 yard dash to building a football footstool, we had a full day. Paul made quite a lot of great passes.He also made a field goal with a big crowd watching him. They all screamed a cheered when he made it, no one else had made it yet. We even made throws into a small tire target. All the kids tried on the shoulder pads and helmet. We stood behind a full set of pads and looked like we were wearing them.We found our ward member Aaron Francisco who plays football on the Cardinals, and took photos with him. (okay, so we took a photo of the kids by the photo of Aaron and the whole Cardinal team. We have talked to Aaron Francisco and he said he'd love to sign the that's cool!!) We didn't leave until around 3;30. As we did, we saw the line of people getting tickets to get into the NFL were we glad that we got there when it opened.
We couldn't see the end of the line it was so long.

Yeah for us! We had a great day.