Sunday, March 30, 2008

Aaron is annoyed!

All Sunday Aaron had some very annoying noises, from his mouth. We kept telling him that he was annoying us. So we had to come up with a plan.
The first time you do something: Its funny.
The second time you do the same thing it is : Annoying
The third time you do the same thing (in a row): Really Annoying
The fourth time: You get sent to your room.
The fifth time: You get sent to bed with no BED TIME SNACK (that's a really big deal at our home)

SOOOO...all afternoon, after church we kept repeating the rules. Because Aaron kept repeating the annoying noises. After dinner he seemed to stop just in time for him to sit down and watch the movie Paul and I were watching. "Never Been Kissed".

So here is Aaron all snuggled up to Paul, in his P.J.'s, ready for bed. The end of the movie comes when Drew Barrymore is waiting to be kissed by Michael Vartan, MY FAV PART (Heidi's). She gets the first kiss, and I ooh, I am loving it. Then the second kiss comes. Aaron blurts out,
Ya, we all busted out laughing. He got our point and pointed it out to us.
What a boy.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Brittany Sings

"Brittany sings with her Show Choir from Pueblo Middle School".
They sang at the school carnival for Rachel's and Aaron's school, Paloma. Brittany was the cutest (why wouldn't she be?). They sang and danced for a very large crowd. I'd say around 500 kids, family and crazy people where there. We fit right in as we watched them perform on an outdoor stage. It was a little hard to hear, but we were in the front row. Brittany even did a solo in the last song and "nailed it". We loved watching and thought you'd like to know about our "Super Star". Go Brittany, Go Brittany. In May she will be going to California for the "Show Choir Tour." ( Brandon did this the last three years, its Brittany's turn, oh and Heidi gets to go as a chaperon. ) We love our family of singers.
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Paul and Heidi's trip

To Sun City California we go...

Paul and Heidi visit Steve and Shannon and their two cute little people Dylan and Eden. We had a great dinner and some yummy cookies. Dylan showed us all around their new home and all the cool stuff. Paul enjoyed feeding baby Eden her dinner, "Speed Eating". She likes to eat fast, Paul was able to step up to the challenge. So...we had a great time.

The next morning we headed off to the Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells Tennis Garden. It was there we met up with friends; Tommy Barrett and Kevin Pike.

This is a great tennis tourney to watch up close. Paul and Heidi had gone two years ago and loved every minute of it. This trip was no different. All the big stars were there and in great form. The first stop was to stadium 2 to see Gasquet play Chela. After a few games we left to check out the practice courts...this is where some of the great moments happened.

Heidi had just got a hat from the pro shop because she had forgotten her hat in the car. Lucky for her she used her head and handed Ana Ivanovic the new hat for her to sign. Ana was so kind and signed right in the middle. Then she hung out for a photo with Paul and Heidi. What a cutie!

Here is Mr. Roger Federer. Tommy, Kevin and Paul watched three feet away from him as he practiced. Heidi bolted to the gate she know Roger would leave from. She had a photo she wanted him to sign that she had taken two years earlier. When the practice was done an hour later and about 50 people around her...she was able to tell Federer, "Roger, I took this picture of you two years ago when I was here"...he signed it, and Heidi left with her heart jumping up and down. YEA!

Our next stop was Sea World. Paul surprised Heidi with "Breakfast with Shamu". Heidi loves to have breakfast, what a great plan...and it was very yummy too. The buffet was full of great food. French toast, biscuit and gravy, eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit salad, croissant's, danish, cereal etc... Heidi was in heaven. The trainer talked and shamu swam and showed off his skills. Paul and Heidi were one of the last to leave the hour long breakfast. Everyone should do this!!

Our next stop was the Wild Arctic. We took a "helli" ride and got sick...then we got to see the cold animals. Our fav was the Polar Bears. The were eating, then the starting fighting. What fun to watch. These guys were fun.

Paul and Heidi then went on a "Animal Spotlight Tour". This was a guided tour of the back lot of the park. The first stop was to the Dolphin tanks. For 30 minutes three trainer worked with 5 different dolphins. In one training tank Paul and Heidi got to be apart of the training. They feed the dolphin fish, told them to wave and turn around. Then they got to pet the dolphin. What a great experience. Then Paul was able to feed moray eels squid and other fish, Heidi took pictures. The last stop of the tour was to the sea turtles. Feeding the turtles lettuce while they swam in there tank was really cool for both. It was another fun time of watching how graceful they swim in the water. Did you know that sea turtles only live until they are around 30 or 40 years old. Not the 150 years like they say in Finding Nemo.

Off to the Birchalls home after a day of Sea World. (Paul's sister). They have the cutest (5) kids, next to ours. Heidi was able to hold Adria (the 2 year old that doesn't like anyone to hold or talk to her), and hang out with her. She was so cute eating her olives, Heidi had to take a picture , after she asked if she could.

Thanks to Steve and Shannon Steenhoek for letting us stay at there home. Also the the whole Birchall family for letting us stay in there home for 2 days. Mostly we like to thank Heidi's mom, Connie. Without her we couldn't have made this trip. Thank you.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 15, Aloha Festival in Heritage Park

Aloha Festival!

Here is Brandon, Brittany, Rachel and Aaron watching some kids do the hula.

We got to the festival about 11 am and did some crafts.Posted by Picasa We also played a little "Ukelele" with the Aunties Ukelele Club. Paul was best at the posing as a real player.
Lunch was the best. There were many different things to choose from. We liked watching the rotating chicken and the smell of course. We ended up getting the "Kalua Pig" and Salmon, and the Teriyaki Chicken plate. We shared it and left nothing on the plate.

We had a fun time together in Hawaii, oops, I mean downtown Phoenix for the afternoon. Aloha!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Aaron learns how to ride a two wheeler!

Paul teaches Aaron to ride a two wheeler!Posted by Picasa
Paul took Rachel and Aaron over to the church parking lot on March 8th. Aaron wanted to learn how to ride his two wheeler. It didn't take very long. Paul got him all set up with his helmet and followed him for a short while. Then his was off on his own. Rachel was loving the big open space and rode her bike all over the parking lot. It was a great day, now we can all ride two wheelers. What a happy thing.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hole in the Rock

Here are our cute kids. Rachel and Aaron hung out with Eric. They found a little hole or "nest" to sit in. They had so much fun climbing from spot to spot. Brittany and Heather were the coolest of the bunch. They didn't run from spot to spot, they just called out..."Mom take another picture". It was fun hanging out with the Layton's and enjoying the beautiful day. The weather couldn't have been any better.There was a light breeze and in the shade it felt great.

This is our newest friend..."COW COW". He liked us as we feed him all of our crumbs from lunch. Eric Layton named him, "he looks like a cow, lets call him COW COW". The kids had never seen a black and white pigeon before. We loved our "Cow Cow'.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Heidi found treasure!

Heidi had a "Birthay" (as Brandon said). The kids went with Paul to the party store and picked out a "theme" for the party. They came back with a Pirate hat for Heidi, eye patches with earrings and treasure map plates. It was a hard afternoon of keeping the secret from mom.
Sunday afternoon Heidi's family (aka John and Connie Geier, Ellen, Chris and Chad Timothy, John with Tess and Kai). The dinner was salads and sandwiches, so there would be room for the chocolate cake and ice cream.
Brandon was in charge of all photos and video. He learned what settings not to use, but got a few good PIRATE shots. We love party's. Mostly the cake and ice cream.