Thursday, December 30, 2010

Family Game Night!!

Family Game Night is always fun at the Steenhoek house. One game in particular always gives us some laughs. That is Scattergories!

Tonight, we played Scattergories. Dad was sleepy... so by the time the last few rounds came along, he wasn't doing as great as he normally does. On the "M" round, he just wrote the first little hill (of the letter 'm'), and then went to the next line because he couldn't really think of anything.

On the last round, one of the categories was types of beer. Us being Mormon, we had no clue.

The letter was "T", so most of us just skipped it. However, dad had some inspiration! He wrote down "Tom Timmons."


He had no clue why he wrote that, but he couldn't think of anything else sooo he just wrote it.

When we shared our answers, we all laughed and voted "No, that doesn't count." However, he wanted us to look it up! "If there was ever a guy named Tom Timmons, he probably had beer! So it was Tom Timmons' beer!"

So Brittany got on Google......


Ta da!! IT EXISTS!! In Camden, New Jersey called Thomas P. Timmons' Beer Saloon!!!

Check for yourself!

We were all dying laughing. Good job daddy! :)