Sunday, March 29, 2009

Disney Trip's been a while. But the pictures are still great. We went over Spring Break with my folks. We had a wonderful time:)
Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Virgin Islands

That's where Paul went for Spring Break. His company took a cruise ship full of their employees to the Virgin Islands.
Paul left on Saturday and was gone for a full week.
He did take some pictures, but according to the rules, none are to be posted on u-tube, blogs or facebooks.
Sorry, you can't see the massive ship that he was on.
Oh... or the crystal clear water that he snorkeled in...or, the night he sang in front of over a thousand co-workers and got a standing ovation.

Paul had a great time...and while we did miss him,
Heidi's parents took her and the kids to Disneyland. So look for those posts full of photo's. Heidi took a lot.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Day of Peace and Rest

That was all I wanted. Just a day of peace and rest with no noise, that's what Sunday's are for, RIGHT?
Paul left on Saturday morning, first thing, to the airport. He was on his way to Florida to his company cruz out of Miami to the Virgin Islands. Yes, he went by himself. Only employee's were allowed to go as it was a "Training Meeting", yeah, right.
Saturday went alright without him.
Sunday morning came early, but we got to church just fine for our 9 am meetings. Lunch after church was going well...then...the noise started, the teasing got worse. Then my headache became very real.
I tryed to hang out with the kids and started to play the game of "Life" with them, despite all the noise and lack of playing that was going on by the little ones. I hung in there until I got married and had to pay off my collage loans, I was a doctor after all, the best paid. But I just didn't care, my head hurt from the noise of happy, loud children.
I told Brittany..."I can't handle this anymore, I have to take my nap." (she was the one that got the game out and wanted everyone to play)
So I tryed to take a nap...but the noise, the loud laughing that was way to loud, the screaming that was unnecessary. The fighting, or "fake fighting" was getting out of control.
Out I stormed from my room and declared it was "QUITE TIME". All I wanted was some Peace and Rest. Find a movie, watch it and BE QUITE!
To my surprise, it did quite down, and I was able to fall asleep.
Once my nap was over, I came out of my room, it was very quite. Too quite. Where were the children. Did I scare them all away? Did they leave to find a nicer mom? I walked all over the house, until I got to the door of the girls room. On the door was a sign. It made me cry.

As I put my ear to the door, I could hear Brittany reading a book on baptism with soft music playing in the background. Once I walked into the girls room, I saw white sheets hanging from the ceiling so that all you could see was white. Then the girls had on white t-shirts. There was white stuffed animals all around, with Scriptures for everyone. I sat down and was welcomed into the "Sunday Spirit" room. There was a feeling of peace and love. Thank you girls. I love you both so very much.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Heidi's Birthday!

Heidi had a Birthday! Yea!

Sunday night, Ma-Moo and Pa-Pa came over for a fun party. We all enjoyed a very yummy dinner of roast, potatoes, gravy and crescents. Once our tummies got hungry for dessert, we got out the cake and ice cream. Brittany worked for quite a while through the afternoon making a scratch, chocolate cake for Heidi. It was very delicious.

Ma-Moo and Pa-Pa then presented their gifts to Heidi. They gave her $50, and a very pretty matching necklace and earrings.

The next day, Heidi's actual birthday, Paul told the kids to let Heidi sleep in and everybody stayed nice and quiet while getting ready for school. Once Heidi woke up, she prepared for a fun girls lunch out with 11 of her good friends at Chipotle. YUM!

Once Brittany was supposed to be getting home from school, Heidi saw someone at the door, and opened it. Outside was a familiar postal lady.(hmmm, Heather Layton maybe?) She was wearing a blue "postal" shirt that read "Brittany's Postal Service". After signing a very official paper to clarify that Heidi was, in fact, Heidi, the Postal Lady handed her the box. Heidi read "To: Mom Love: Brittany Steenhoek" on the box, right as Brittany popped up. Inside the box was a pretty home-made (well, art-class-made) Indian Clay Plate!

That night, Paul got some In 'n Out burgers for a relaxing dinner, and Heidi got the rest of her presents. Paul got her a fun, red Cardinals shirt! Paul also got her a $25 gift card to Kohls. Yeah!

Fun fun!

She had a very very great birthday! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A typical Saturday at the Steenhoek's

This happens only after a crazy busy week, and a Friday night performance at the High School with Brandon doing his first SOLO ever! and yes he rocked it. Thanks for Pa-pa and MA-moo for coming. Oh and Paul was in the Corona High School Commuity Choir, aka parents choir. They sang at the concert also, three songs.

Well the day starts out like this...

Brittany needs at ride to the school by 8am so she can do a Show Choir practice until 11:30am. Paul and Brandon go to the Tempe Arts Jam and sing. Brandon with his Jaztecs Choir and Paul in his Corona Community Choir. They sing at 9:45 and 10:30am. <

After singing, Paul drives over to the Stake Center to make sure his keys work to get in. He is in charge of a convert baptism at 2pm.

Heidi picks up Brittany from school at 11:30, drives her and a friend to the Tempe Arts Jam. They sing at 12:15, we leave once it's done.

Home again, Home again, Jiggety Jig.

Get all the kids ready for the baptism, leave by 1:40pm.
Enjoy the baptism of Mahinder Singh (he has only lived here for three months, he is from India). Mission Pres. Robert Craig did the baptism. Stack chairs, pick up paper, put hymn books away, leave.

Get home to Uncle Dave and Aunt Heidi sleeping in their rental car, in front of house. Sorry we made you wait:(
Welcome guests, wait for Paul to return from draining the font etc...
Visit with family and watch clips of American Idol, (Aunt Heidi is Paula Abdul's new stylist, just in the last month, she picks out her clothes and makes her as cute as ever!! GO HEIDI!)

4:00 Brittany goes with the beehive class to the stake center to make a video for a class activity, the ward BBQ is going on at the same time. We miss it:(

Eat dinner at 5pm

6:00 Brandon and Paul say good-bye to Dave and Heidi then go back to the high school were they have yet another concert at 7pm.

Heidi picks up Brittany at 6:30, drives her back home so she can watch the little kids while Heidi goes back to the high school to watch Brandon and Paul perform.

Brittany says good bye to the visiting family, baths the little kids and puts them to bed.

After the concert of great singing,(around 9:15p.m.)Brandon Paul and Heidi go to the store to get the food for a Sunday birthday dinner (it's Heidi's Birthday on Monday March 2).

The day is over once the food is put away. Yeah, That's a day in the life of the Steenhoek's. Don't you want to be like us????