Thursday, June 11, 2009

Long Island

My mom and I went to New York and had the bestest week ever. The kids were getting ready to end school, with all their finals and Brandon and Brittany had their big POP'S Concert at Corona High. But I knew that Paul could handle it, because he is Paul.
Mom and I left first thing on Monday morning (May 4)
We got a rental car at JFK after we landed and had so much fun driving around the island to see the places that my mom grew up around.
WE SAW: The store she worked in when she met my dad, and the church they got married in. The beach that mom sat on for hours every summer as a kid. We even made it into the "CITY" for a day. We took the train in, then got on the subway to BROADWAY!Saw all the graffiti. I had gotten mom and I ticket's to "Guy's and Doll's" for Mother's Day. Her first time to see a Broadway show, ever! (Even though she grew up on the island she never went into the city for a show) We had soooo much fun. Then we took a tour bus and saw the town. We saw all the big sights, Time Square and even the TEMPLE! (there was a group of missionaries outside waiting to go was so unreal) Visited mom's two sisters and had as much food as we could from the deli and bakery's. I loved the cheese cake! Mom couldn't have enought potato salad, and I loved it as well. Shopping in Babalon was also fun.(the city mom grew up in) Driving along the "Montak Highway" to the Light House. Going to the Hampton's. What can I say? We totally want to go back again next year...and stay longer! Enjoy the photo's.

music...and More!

April was a busy month for music. Brittany had a school concert for her 7th grade choir, where she had a "Solo". (And she did a great job on it) Then the Show Choir sang and did their show that they would be doing on their Cali tour that week end.
Again...Brittany did a great job.

Just after singing for "Disney's Magic in the Parks"
Our Feet before Disneyland, they were happy.
This is the group of girls that were hung out with in Disneyland.

Once again I went on the Cali tour with Brittany...we would be gone on Rachel's 10th birthday:(
While Brittany and I were gone. Paul took Rachel and the kids to a fun pizza place, Amazing Jakes. They had so much fun that they forgot Brittany and I were gone. We had a family party for Rachel on Sunday went were were home again.
On May 1st Rachel's choir, Chandler Children's Choir, did a show up in Phx. It was fab! We even got a CD recording of it!

(so my camera's battery was starting to go out, and so I kept telling Brandon to take the picture that's why I am talking in the photo)