Sunday, April 27, 2008

He did it!

Brandon did it! He finished his eagle project write up!
So... we weren't the mean parents after all. We did let him eat his dinner, but right after that he had to sit at the computer and type away all the information needed. Brandon took his paper work over to his leader, Adam Stewart. He'll review it and tell Brandon how it looks and any changes that there might be. Then Brandon can go to the Eagle Board of Review (May 27th) and see if he "passes" and earns his Eagle Rank.
Go Brando, Go Brando, Go Brando, Go Brando, Go Brando!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brandon's Eagle Project!

Brandon had his eagle project today!
He had everyone who could help show up at the church at 10:30 am. Sign in and head out to St. Mary's Food Bank

Once at the food bank, everyone ate lunch that was provided by Pepperoni's Pizza. 10 pizza's never went faster! Fry's Marketplace also donated cookie, along with the Garner Family (homemade chocolate, chocolate chip), and the Aronld Family (Chocolate chip). The homeade cookies didn't last long.
The two projects were one; fill 900 boxes with food enough for 6 people for one day of meals. Two; paint a break room and other smaller room.Brandon was a great leader. He was able to get everyone working on both projects. The painting was done by a small group along with two volunteers from Home Depot. Brandon was able to have Home Depot donate all the paint and supplies needed. Then the volunteer project leader came with another worker to help Brandon. The rooms turned out great! The funnest part was the assembly line that everyone worked on. The boxes went down the line and everyone put in the food they had been assigned. This is the after shot of the Staff Break Room. What a difference some hard workers and paint can do. Great job.

Brandon did a wonderful job of working with the 50 volunteers he gathered. The hard work of the project is done, now for the write up. As his parents we feel we need to help him get this done fast. So, we have told him that he can not eat dinner tomorrow until he his done with his write up. No lie!

A special thank you to all those 50 people who spent their Saturday with us. Thank you!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Rachel Turns 9 years old!

Rachel is the happiest 9 year old ever!

Rachel had a fun filled day. It started with french toast for breakfast.

Then after school Rachel had two friends over to play before going to art class. She brought cup cakes to share with everyone.
At the family party..Uncle John and Aunt Tess came with Kia. Ma Moo and Pa-Pa came too for the pizza dinner. After the dinner, Rachel opened presents. She got every Littlest Pet Shop toy that she had on her list. Aunt Ellen and family even sent a painting project of "LPS" for Rachel.
Brandon was at the video camera and Brittany handled the digital camera. It was a fun party.

We ended the night with a little pin the tail on the donkey game. Rachel kept the rules of not looking while Aaron found a peeking spot and won the game. "Oh, Aaron", was all Rachel could say.
What a great day for a girl turning nine years old.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brittany Sings

Brittany and her many different sides of singing.

The night started out with the 6th grade choir. Brittany was in the front and center. Her pose never changed. Her arms by her side, never left that spot until the group of songs were over.
After singing with the 6th grade class, Brittany went and changed into her show choir outfit. Then she sang with Mallori Dayes and Kaia Frazer a song that they had made up. This was part of what they did in their 6th grade choir class. They did a great job. But poor Brittany was a full head shorter and sandwiched between the girls.
The last group was Show Choir. They sang their full 4 songs, with all the dance movements. Brittany really was into it as she did all the shimmies, and the pony steps. Her dance moves are coming along. But mostly she sang her heart out. We could hear her singing, we were in the front row, and loved every minute of it.
You go girl!
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Monday, April 21, 2008


Sister Beck and Sister Pieper, with all the people.
On Sunday April 20 we had a small get together for the missionaries. Sister Beck and Sister Pieper came for a short while, they are so busy you know. Sister Beck will be leaving for home, Modesto California, on Wednesday. We will miss her and her energy to serve the Lord. What a great example of service. She had so many appointments that she had only 30 minutes to eat and visit with those who came to say good-bye. Bishop Barrett and his wife Lisa came as well as Sister Barb Brixey. They had each gone out on different appointments with the sisters. We also had Brennen Watts, who had just been baptized on Saturday, and received the Holy Ghost that afternoon at church. Another investigator came by, Bob Karp. Paul, Heidi and Brandon have gone to his home with the sisters to teach him the lessons. It was a full afternoon of food and fun.
We love doing missionary work. It is so wonderful to see a person receive the fullness of the gospel in their lives and change for the better. It makes us want to improve as well. We will miss Sister Beck and her energy, but look forward to Sister Pieper and her new companion and the work they will do.
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Monday, April 14, 2008

Brandon did it again!

Brandon was pulled out of class on Thursday (4-10) by the choir teacher Mr. Hebert, and was asked to try out for the "Jazztecs" choir. This choir is only for the top singers in the A cappela, the top choir of the whole school. (so this is the best of the best)

Brandon had to sing a song off the top of his head, which was, "I'll Be". (In Brandon's words..."I nailed it".)

Next he sang six notes in a row, after Mr. Hebert played it on the piano. Then 7 notes, 8 notes. Mr Hebert next played a cord and Brandon had to sing alto, bass, tenor or soprano. The last thing he had to do, sight read. Again, in Brandon's words, "I owned".
Today (Monday 4-14) the list was posted on Mr. Heberts door of who made the Jazztecs. And,
Yes, Brandon Steenhoek's name was on the list. Way to go Brando!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

50's Sock Hop

Wow, what a night. The girls had an "Activity Day's" activity at the stake center for all the girls with a date. Brittany and Paul were a date and Rachel and Heidi were a date, both had a great time. The night started with a photo on a real "Harley".

Rachel wanted to drive Heidi, so Heidi held on for her life...

We took a photo of the dad's. Shane Layton & Kevin Pike and Paul. They were givin' there big tough guy looks.

As part of the fun, the girls could fix there dad's hair with "Gel". Brittany came up with a great style for Paul.
These girls love there daddy.

Here is Rachel and Paul dancing away.

As part of the night, everyone learned how to dance. They spent about 40 minutes teaching everyone the steps. Then they played the music and everyone could dance. Other activities were, build your own ice cream sunday, or root beer float. Your dad could paint your nails, or write love letters. Then they could make a picture frame to put there photo of the Harley. Paul and Brittany were one of the last three standing in the dance contest. Way to go guys.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rachel latest piano practice

Earlier in the day I (dad) asked Rachel, "Did you practice the piano?"
"Yes, I did."
"OK, you can go play outside with Aaron".
Much later in the day Heidi told me she never heard Rachel practice. So I asked her again. Rachel said, "I already told you I practiced."
"I know you told me, but you really didn't practice."
She groaned her Rachel groan and trounced off to practice.

Our Kids Rock!

We are so proud of our children. On Monday, April 7, 2008 we had some great news.

Brandon was the first to tell of his. He had tried out the week before, for the highest choir group in the high school, a cappella. "HE MADE IT!" Brandon had taken this year off from choir, and took yearbook instead. He has enjoyed it, but now is sure of his love for music and wants to get back at it. This group, a cappella, is a mix of boys and girls and just what Brandon wants to do. He will be in this group next year. Great job, "Brando".

Brittany came home next and told us of her good news. About a month ago she entered a poem contest. Her poem, "Heart of the Moon", went all the way to district and was one of the three 6th graders recognized. Brittany is now thinking of sending this poem to the "Friend", to see if it gets published. Great Job, "Britt".

Rachel and Aaron are always on top of their game as well.

Heart of the Moon

By: Brittany Steenhoek

Somewhere, deep in the heart of the moon, something sings.

The gentle song fills the night and opens the stars.

As the stars glitter open, they breathe the wind.

The wind halts, and listens to the moon.

Somewhere, deep in the heart of the moon, something sings.

It sings of time, before now, and after.

Time that will never come, for it will never be.

For all time stops at the time of the moon.

Somewhere, deep in the heart of the moon, something sings.

The song is death, violent and cruel.

All death is but journey on.

But none are prepared.

Somewhere, deep in the heart of the moon, something sings.

A deep gentle voice entwines with a light loving tome.

Together, the heart of the moon sings of love.

Love that never will be, but always is.

Somewhere, deep in the heart of the moon, something sings.

The moon sings of time, death, and love.

All combined into our trip, life.

Then, the heart of the moon ends it song, eternal and forevermore.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Piano Recital April 3, 2008

Lets make some noise!!

Rachel was first to perform. She played "Tchaikowsky's 4th Symphony", then "Climb Ev'ry Mountian". She did a great job. Well done Rachel.

Brittany was next in our family of performers. She played "On Wings of Songs". Next...
She played a Duet with Brandon. "Bubble Gum Rag". They both did a great job! Brandon was last of our family and he played "Pirates", with all the feeling that only Brandon can do. Everyone loved it.

Here our our teachers. Rachel and Lisa Andrew. Vicky Arnold with Brittany and Brandon. They are fun teachers to have, and we love them both.

Sister Aronld loves to smile. Brandon had to put some bunny ears...oh wait, they didn't make it. Hee, Hee, Hee, (she gotcha Brandon).

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Pulling Weeds is Fun to do.

Here we have Rachel and Aaron. They love to play in the back yard. They had a grand time yesterday pulling weeds. They were playing a "GAME" and that was part of the game. Paul and I couldn't have asked them to pull weeds, they would have cried and never done it. But because it was there idea, and a game at that, they had fun. I had to keep calling them in for dinner, they didn't want to stop. (The yard is full). After they ate, they were back at it again. It was all I could do to get them inside for P.J.'s and bed time snacks. You would have thought I was killing them the way they cried, and begged to stay outside to pull more weeds.
I'll I can say is..."Whatever".
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