Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh, what do you in the summer time?

The last Wednesday of summer has been declared the day of TENTS!
So today it was the last Wednesday before school starts...let the tent building begin!

The new room made it even better for building tents. The kitchen table chairs worked even better to hold all of the sheets.

The kids each had their own room to play in. They brought all of their fun things and thought that they were there to sleep for the night. But you know...we are mean parents and we made them clean up after dinner.
After a long day of playing Tent City, the toy room got all cleaned up and a new game was started. This one was; push the ottoman away and see who keeps standing. Aaron lost the last round. After the scream I headed into the toy room to see the blood. Off we went to the e.r.

Aaron was so brave. He never cried, or moved a muscle while the doctor gave him 3 stitches. What a soldier. He did better then Brandon did when he was 12 and got 4 stitches on his lip. Way to go Aaron. The only sad part was when he found out he had to have his stitches in for the first day of school. He didn't want anyone to laugh at him.

"Oh, what do you do in the summer time when all the world is green?
we make tents in the house, get stitches on our chin,
watch as our mother, cries.....

"Is that what you do?....So do I"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Check out what we've done!

So Brittany has been complaining about our blog. "Mom, we haven't blogged in a long time". Well here is why. Enjoy.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brandon's Eagle Court of Honor

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Brandon had his Eagle court of honor on July 19, 2008. What a great night this was. Kevin Pike in our ward made a photo gallery of all the things Brandon has done in his life. Like win Wimbledon, go to the artic, be on the cover of Rolling Stone, giving a talk in General conference as a Teachers Quorum President, and many other things.
Shane Layton presented him with his eagle rank in a way that only Shane can do. Those there will know what I mean. He knows Brandon just about as good as his parents, maybe...just maybe a little better. After all he went camping with him on 17 different campouts.
There was a great slide show of all of Brandon's scouting adventures.
Many friends and family came to support him. What a fun night it was.
Thank you all for supporting our family. Brandon you rock. Keep up the greatness.