Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wax Museum

Have you ever been to a wax museum? I went to one today, in Rachel's class. The whole third grade was to dress up like a civil war hero. Rachel was Ulysses S. Grant. She used Brandon's old cub scout shirt and belt. Then we made a beard for her to wear with a hat. She made a poster all by herself, with 5 fun facts and a whole bunch of pictures. On one side of the poster was a button for the parents/grandparents push. Then she would tell us all about who she was without telling us her name. When she was done with her speach she would say "Who Am I"? Once she was done telling us, other people came up and pushed the button. Rachel said she was busy the whole time talking and telling people about her person. Rachel did such a great job. She sat down on her chair and read what she had researched. Her Grandpa and Grandma Geier where the first ones to push her button.

Do you know where your kids are?

Every night before Paul and I go to bed, one of us checks on the kids. To make sure they are all right, covered up under their covers nice and warm etc... Well, checking Aaron is hard for me at times. He is on the top bunk in the boys room. I can't see up there very well and I thought he was fine, so I walked down and checked on the girls. Then I heard Paul calling me from our room. As I walked down the hall I could hear him chuckling. Aaron had gotten out of his bed, at some point in the evening and gotten onto our bed. He was fast asleep and when we tried to move him, he didn't know where he was. We can only guess why he found his way to our room and not the family room where we had been watching t.v. Anyway, I love sleeping children and had to take a picture before we moved him back to his bed.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rachel Renee the chef

Rachel got invited to a friends birthday party. It was a bakers heaven. They got their own apron and chef hat. They made homemade pizza, and smoothies, they decorated cookies. Rachel LOVED her time there and when she got home she told us all how to cook etc...
The chef hat and apron are now on her bed, close at hand, in case she needs it to help me in the kitchen.

Snow Camping anyone?

Brandon went with his scout group up to the very cold country of "Flagstaff" to go snow camping.
The group left on Friday (Jan 30th), after school. (only after Brandon had 3, count them THREE RED BULL's. Yeah, his school was handing them out and he wanted to try one, but somehow drank THREE!!)
SO needless to say we were a bit glad that Brandon was on his was to snow camp after school.
He had a great time hiking to the camp site in the dark, and setting up the tent. He slept in a two man tent with three guys, too keep them warm. When he woke in the morning he said there was frost on the inside of the tent. So every time they moved and shook the tent a small amount, little frost dropped down upon their faces.
They had s great time cross country skiing in the morning for a couple of hours. After lunch they did some major sledding. Brandon got "AIR" from what we are told.
Once home after 8pm he ate like a horse and took a shower, then fell right to sleep.
Thank you Adam Stewart, Brad and Brooks Edwards. He made some great memories:)