Thursday, December 30, 2010

Family Game Night!!

Family Game Night is always fun at the Steenhoek house. One game in particular always gives us some laughs. That is Scattergories!

Tonight, we played Scattergories. Dad was sleepy... so by the time the last few rounds came along, he wasn't doing as great as he normally does. On the "M" round, he just wrote the first little hill (of the letter 'm'), and then went to the next line because he couldn't really think of anything.

On the last round, one of the categories was types of beer. Us being Mormon, we had no clue.

The letter was "T", so most of us just skipped it. However, dad had some inspiration! He wrote down "Tom Timmons."


He had no clue why he wrote that, but he couldn't think of anything else sooo he just wrote it.

When we shared our answers, we all laughed and voted "No, that doesn't count." However, he wanted us to look it up! "If there was ever a guy named Tom Timmons, he probably had beer! So it was Tom Timmons' beer!"

So Brittany got on Google......


Ta da!! IT EXISTS!! In Camden, New Jersey called Thomas P. Timmons' Beer Saloon!!!

Check for yourself!

We were all dying laughing. Good job daddy! :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

We have MOVED!

We were waiting forever, and it seemed like the day would never come, but we finally moved on November 14th! We had so many people come and help us. THANK YOU! It went so smoothly and quickly. Here are some fun pics from the move!

Before the move...

So many boxes....


Dissembling the bed

Eric and Rachel working hard!

Aaron is taking a breather.... (he has been working hard, you know.)

Our giant truck!

Thanks again to all those who helped! We love our new house!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Today was a very big day in my life. My little boy of 17 years took the razor to his upper lip full of peach fuzz. It took him all of about 2 minutes to get it off the upper lip, but it was a moment that I'll not forget.
Time goes by so slow, and yet it is gone in a flash. Next he'll be done with high school and moving on to collage, I'm not ready.
Please go back to the days when he wanted his face in the video camera and had the high pitched voice of a little 6 year old. All he wanted to do was show me his "Plummer Butt".
Love ya Brandon...STOP GROWING UP!

P.S. We opted for no photo's for this event.

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Tennis Season!

My tennis tennis is already over! It began nearly a quarter ago, but it feels like it was just yesterday...

I have had a lot of fun! All the girls are really nice and we are all good friends. There were eighteen girls throughout the whole season. I was in the top bracket (Top 6) the whole season, so I got to play every time!

Today we had a party after school with all the tennis girls. Since Barros Pizza is only a fifteen minute walk from Corona, we all walked over right after school. Our Coach treated us! Although she could be a stickler at times, she really was a great Coach and she was always treating us to nice things like McDonalds, new water jugs, and ice cream.

Here are a few cute pics with me and the team! (By the way... the reason I'm dressed as a cowgirl in a few of the pics is because we were allowed to wear our Halloween costumes today. And I'm a cowgirl. Or Jessie from Toy Story. Whichever works :))Tania, Me, Anastasia, Shimoli, Travis (tennis boys team)

Me, Danielle, Caroline

Hannah, Shimoli, Gabrielle

Me, Hannah, Sam, Everett

Kelly, Me, Sam, Caroline

Anastasia, Mallory, Gabrielle, Coach, Everett

Sarah, Alyssa, Caroline, Me
Yay for Tennis!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lunch with the Ladies

Oh yeah...I had the best lunch today:)

A feast for anyone! Our family is moving and will not be in the neighborhood anymore and so we had to get together and eat. Thanks Ladies. I always love getting together and talking, and laughing, and eating. It's a good mix. Next time it will be at my new home. I'll give you my new address. Thanks for coming Christina, Rene, Vicky and Baby Eve, Robyn, Aimee, Jennifer and Jenni. Robyn thanks for hosting. You are always so willing, thanks for sharing your home.Oliver and Dean THANKS FOR YOUR SMILES!!

Sprinkles Cupckes & Friends

Here we r at Sprinkles Cupcakes (okay we cheated...we went next door and ate our cupcakes at Yogurtland, we are sneaky like that, we did get some yogurt as well). It was the best lunch I've had in a long time.
Aimee, Me holding litttle Oliver, Lisa, Jenni and Xan. My Friends...Thanks guys. I love getting together and have yummy food and some laughs.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Homecoming for Corona

Brandon has had some great things happen lately. Over fall break he went and got his drivers license. Paul took him over to the "Mesa DMV", it's the best place to take the test. They called me when he was done, and Brandon was really excited! So, yep, we've been sending him on little trips to the store and to pick up kids from different places. It has been so nice, but I miss having my on wheels, he drives my van, "OLGA". I miss her when he takes her out.
PacSun has kept him busy with work. Which is great because he has to buy new things at least once a week, fashion is important when you are a senior in high school. He also buys food for himself right and left. The boy can put it down. He is now 5'11'' and 125lbs. It doesn't look like he is stopping yet...he might just be as tall as his Steenhoek uncles.
Tonight is the Homecoming dance over at the high school. He asked his date in a very cute way. He would have Subway for lunch with her a lot and knew her fav sandwich but on this day he knew she would be going home for lunch. So he had me pick up her fav sandwich and drop it off at her home and in the wrapper was his note..."I've never gone to Homecoming with you before, but I'd like to try it. Is there "SUBWAY" you could go to Homecoming with me?" (I guess that he says that line a lot when they go out to eat for lunch, "I've never tried that before, but I'd like to try it") She came back the next day with a poster saying, "It would be my "Delight" to go to homecoming with you. On the poster, outside the front door had a big jug of Sunny Delight, and yes was chalked all over the driveway. Kids...they have so much fun.
That's a little up date on the ever growing boy...Brandon. My does time fly.

Tennis Anyone?

So Brittany has been playing on the Freshman Tennis Team on Cornona Del Sol High School Team. She has played at the ranking of 3 for most of the season. Mostly she has been really enjoying the sport and learning more as she wins and plays doubles with other team mates. Paul and I have been able to go over to the school or away schools and watch her play. Rachel and Aaron were with me on her first was so fun to watch her play. Go Brittany!! Two more matches next week and the season is over...maybe J.V. Tennis? We'll see.