Monday, October 25, 2010

Lunch with the Ladies

Oh yeah...I had the best lunch today:)

A feast for anyone! Our family is moving and will not be in the neighborhood anymore and so we had to get together and eat. Thanks Ladies. I always love getting together and talking, and laughing, and eating. It's a good mix. Next time it will be at my new home. I'll give you my new address. Thanks for coming Christina, Rene, Vicky and Baby Eve, Robyn, Aimee, Jennifer and Jenni. Robyn thanks for hosting. You are always so willing, thanks for sharing your home.Oliver and Dean THANKS FOR YOUR SMILES!!


Aimee said...

so cute!! and so fun! How did we not get a picture with everyone??? Oh yeah, Oliver was a WILD man!

R.G. said...

I'm glad we could all get together. Lets keep this tradition going.