Saturday, October 23, 2010

Homecoming for Corona

Brandon has had some great things happen lately. Over fall break he went and got his drivers license. Paul took him over to the "Mesa DMV", it's the best place to take the test. They called me when he was done, and Brandon was really excited! So, yep, we've been sending him on little trips to the store and to pick up kids from different places. It has been so nice, but I miss having my on wheels, he drives my van, "OLGA". I miss her when he takes her out.
PacSun has kept him busy with work. Which is great because he has to buy new things at least once a week, fashion is important when you are a senior in high school. He also buys food for himself right and left. The boy can put it down. He is now 5'11'' and 125lbs. It doesn't look like he is stopping yet...he might just be as tall as his Steenhoek uncles.
Tonight is the Homecoming dance over at the high school. He asked his date in a very cute way. He would have Subway for lunch with her a lot and knew her fav sandwich but on this day he knew she would be going home for lunch. So he had me pick up her fav sandwich and drop it off at her home and in the wrapper was his note..."I've never gone to Homecoming with you before, but I'd like to try it. Is there "SUBWAY" you could go to Homecoming with me?" (I guess that he says that line a lot when they go out to eat for lunch, "I've never tried that before, but I'd like to try it") She came back the next day with a poster saying, "It would be my "Delight" to go to homecoming with you. On the poster, outside the front door had a big jug of Sunny Delight, and yes was chalked all over the driveway. Kids...they have so much fun.
That's a little up date on the ever growing boy...Brandon. My does time fly.

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